Your Lake Champlain Bass Fishing E-Guide

Your Lake Champlain Bass Fishing E-guide

I'm Dale Brown, author of Bass Fishing 101 - Lake Champlain. I'm now offering my 30 years of experience to you online through my unique "e-guide" fishing advice service.

This little pond of ours is known as the Sixth Great Lake, but in reality it is the greatest lake in the world for bass fishing. To directly quote FLW Outdoors, “The jewel of the Appalachians, Champlain is one of the best overall bass fisheries on the continent, with variable habitat, structure, cover, water clarity and depth, the lake is a bass’s dream home”. And I'll help you navigate the waters! 

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Or maybe not.It was almost here then it moved out again. What a crazy Winter and Spring. If this was a normal year we all would be looking forward to getting back on the water about…
Well fall in upon us and the water is cooling down. The water in the shallows is 50 degrees and dropping which makes the warm water species like Bass move out and down. Meanwhile the…
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